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What we do

The I SEE YOU is trying to improve the blind and the visually impaired quality of life. By creating projects which supports social health and professional life of people with the visual impairment. We have succeed in changing more than one life. Thanks to the members of foundation and beneficiaries there are organized meetings, conferences, projects and programs which fulfill expectations that are adjusted to the blind and the visually impaired needs.

The foundation offers help:
  • in creating safe home and environment for the blind and the visually impaired;
  • in filling every application and official letters (support program "active local government”, disability pension application, medical board etc.);
  • in benefiting grants;
  • in choosing schools, qualification courses, career counselling, job placement;
  • in self-presentation and psychological care;
  • in legal services;
  • within realizing projects and support programs for the blind and the visually impaired;
  • volunteers and assistant care;
  • audits, consulting and adjustment of objects and websites to people’s needs;
  • trainings in support and cooperation with the blind and the visually impaired;
  • computer and multimedia trainings;
  • support group meetings;
  • conferences and cooperation with medicalunits.