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About foundation

The I SEE YOU foundation was founded in July 2016. It is situated in Gdańsk however it reaches almost all the world e.g. Great Britain, Germany, Canada and the United States. The main goal is to help people who suffer from visual impairment and also their families in everyday situation. By its activity the foundation is trying to narrow both structural and social barriers. The president of the foundation is a person who suffers from the damage of the visual analyzer. She devoted her life to examine the functioning of the blind and the visually impaired in Poland and abroad. Observations and research results helped to set I SEE YOU foundation up.

Marcelina Hernik
The President of the foundation
MA Educationalist, Academic teacher, Coach – Allround entertainer

I am a person with severe level of disability which concerns the visual impairment. I have had problems with my eyesight since I was born. It also includes problems with distinction between similar colors, difficulties in reading and recognizing own handwriting. After sometime I used to trip over big enough things. I couldn’t recognize people on the street and places. I wasn’t diagnosed right in time as it happened in adulthood. So that it was too late to hold any treatment. My whole life is a struggle with improvement of my daily routine and providing equal opportunities in education and employment. Unfortunately, I experienced a lot of resentments and unclear legal regulations which are unfavorable for the disabled. Thanks to my determination and loads of difficulties which I have experienced I decided to change it by setting this foundation up. I want the I SEE YOU foundation to act against social exclusion among blind people. I want to educate whole world that the blind and the visually impairedare valuable people who are capable to live without any help and work at the highest level. I will be training and explaining how important are everyday obstacles which every person who suffers from the visual impairment has to struggle with. I will do my best to support the blind and the visually impaired and also their families. Beginning with thr self-service, education, self-presentation, rehabilitation and ending with achieving appropriate job and full independence. I live to see and show others the world.